Driving to Bwari today for some personal business reminded me of how I would drive to the Nigerian Law School on mondays, stay on campus and then drive back to spend the weekend at home. 
I recall how the bumps on the road would hurt badly as I tried to avoid potholes, the dizzy feeling, and nausea.. Yes, I was pregnant for my daughter almost all through my Bar part 2 session. 
Interestingly before I went to Adesoye College Offa , I attended Government Girls Secondary School Dutse for a year. That was 22 years ago!!! And you pass by it before you get to Law School.
On my way from Bwari, I decided to visit my old school and I was so humbled that the security man allowed me in after explaining who I was considering it was a weekend. 
I interacted with some of the girls I saw, I told them the story of the fulani STREAM we all had to visit to fetch water in buckets for our seniors and how one of us was held hostage by one of the herdsmen for disrupting the STREAM for their cattle. 
The stream was somewhere outside the vicinity of the school but for fear of what our seniors would do to us if they woke up without water we risked our safety. I remember the school having to promise that no student will go there again…this was how her release was negotiated. I was so glad to hear /see that the school had been fenced and they had stable water supply. 
My daughter was appalled when I told the story and her words were "Mum was this is a traditional school, is school not for learning? why are you fetching water from a fulani stream?"
There and then I realized how old I was… #GratefulForAllOfMyLifeExperiences