Power Play

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There are people who have been so broken that their self esteem is barely strong enough to help lift their head. The wrongest thing you can do to an individual is to cause them to self doubt.

When you doubt yourself, it’s like losing your power, losing the essence of your ‘being’ and your ‘becoming’. You fail to see that everyone is going through life’s tough ‘process’ and it does happen to the best of the best.

How do you break someone to the point where they are confused as to their individuality or what they want for themselves? How do you manipulate an individual to a point where he/she cannot think proactively because even in their thought they have lost their creativity. They doubt..

So I am beginning to think everything is about power. Whose power can I take away from and add to mine? Who can I put in a box and lord over no matter how subtle it is. The most dangerous being the one where you play a script you didn’t know has been written for you…

So why do people crave for power and control? That it corrupts isn’t in question. That absolute power corrupts absolutely as made popular by Lord Denning isn’t also in question, so why the crave for it when we have not been tested with it and how do we pass if power isn’t given?

But is power given or is power taken? Who gives it and who takes it? Who relinquishes it willingly and who does but dies while relinquishing it. Who truly has the power to give and to take? How are we taught about power, the responsibility of it and the weight it carries?

There is something beautiful about the human mind. It is the most powerful force I know.This is why our mindset is often the most difficult thing to change especially when it is set. It is so strong that it has the capacity to shut down our organs.

Our mindset has the capacity to trigger death, to regenerate itself, to transform itself and to mutate…this is how strong our mindset is. We can literally do and undo… if this force is in every individual how do you then break someone down that they do not know what they carry?

When it then goes beyond self doubt (an individual) to a group of people who doubt themselves it further complicates matters. So how do you see it? 1) a group of ignorant powerless people or 2) a group of powerful ignorant people?

Which really is better? The complexities become even worse when it is passed on to the next generation through mutated genes. Remember how strong your mindset is? People don’t even realize it until years down the line they become the image of the monster they were avoiding

Many questions I have &while the answers trickle in, I hope we all find a way to remain human knowing that in our power play, another person’s life may be ruined&if the reverse were the situation you may not survive.So? Play fair since like sports power will always mutate