Leadership is a privilege

I can’t stop saying this and I do not know how else to say it but this is regarding leading in the work place.

Until you stop doing what you want based on convenience you are only simply short changing yourself as to your growth, capacity and exposure to SOOOO much more that could be of benefit to you.

You must ALWAYS do what is needed to be done based on your RESPONSIBILITY and NOT what is CONVENIENT.

Your RESPONSIBILITY is your stage, It is your BURDEN yet it is your UTMOST BLESSING. It is based on your responsibility that you are JUDGED, RECOGNISED and REWARDED.

No one will ask of you what you are not responsible for. So leave convenience out of it! Do your job! Own your responsibility because you are NOT A SLAVE nor an INVALID, NOTHING has been forced on you and if so you have the WILL to CHANGE it.

Get off your ‘supposed’ high horse and do YOUR JOB..Why not get on the true horse of RESPONSIBILITY. It is on that horse honour is bestowed on you!

This in my humble opinion is how you LEAD even in the very little you have been privileged to be responsible for because LEADERSHIP is indeed a PRIVILEGE