Free To Choose

A fundamental mistake I see people making over and over again is that they fail to understand people have CHOICES and they can DECIDE on what they want. Caging a person to prevent them from seeing their option is satanic as far as I am concerned. When people eventually choose, you know what truly influences them. Allow people make their choice and do not be heart broken when they don’t choose you.

It is one thing or the other

1) They are exercising their God given right

2) You simply do not have the stronger influence on them at the moment

3) they may have made a wrong decision (it is their prerogative) it’s ok .

We all must learn to free ourselves … I mean even God allows us to choose. Yet in the choices we make, our heart is revealed. Allow people make their choice and then their hearts are revealed. Trust in what you have already deposited previously and free people to BE!