Football Fever!

Since I was born , I have never watched football. I really am not a fan nor do I sometimes understand the hype but today I decided to watch it… well before power went out 35 minutes into the game and I didn’t bother turning on the Generator. By that time I believe Croatia had scored their first goal. Funny enough during the period I watched I kept wondering why our players kept falling down. Was it my eyes? Anyway let’s leave that.

So I decided to do my workout in the dark using an app and after that I kept thinking about the whole craze about football. I appreciate what it means to people even if I don’t get it. I chatted with my team members at work on our group chat and I got few insight from them as to what was happening.

Interestingly emmaohmygod went LIVE on instagram filming his TV which I believed helped those who didn’t have power to watch the match as all over social media the complaints about power shortage was the popular comment.

I then recollected when I met Mikel Obi and how he shook my son’s hand while he was taking a walk with his team around where my personal office was (not WE FM and this was over 2 years ago) . We were in a cab and we slowed down to watch the super eagles pass . All I thought of was ‘wow these guys are tall!!! why aren’t they playing basket ball'(my favorite)??? . He shook Aydin’s hand through the cab. Funny enough it was a staff of mine who was in the cab with me who called his attention to us ( ME? I had no clue who he was until I checked him out online later )

Ok enough of reminiscing hehehe

So I heard a pastor actually prayed and said that Nigeria would WIN and bring back the cup and thanked God in advance and all I said was ‘but why na, why would you do that?’ Wondered what he would say now to his congregation! Because it was at that point I heard we lost the match.

I asked someone whom I respect why he felt we lost. He simply said we were not ready and that he noticed it even more during the friendly match with England.

All I ended up saying to myself is’ pray all you want, fast all you want, declare all you want but nothing will and can ever take the place of preparedness and development of skill’

Will God be God if he favours an unskilled and unprepared over skilled and prepared? ( this question is a general question).

Except God has a chosen football team just like how he had the chosen people (israelites) , I am not sure how he would deal …because check the bible out, how God fought the battles of the israelites was beyond comprehension . So does God have a chosen football team/country? Hmmm

I ended up wondering if heaven is standing still at the moment and the devil decided to stop his torment in hell, and all of them stop to watch FOOTBALL? Because mehn!!!! the hype was one that made ME Angela Ochu-Baiye who had never watched football in her life decide to watch and honestly I was disappointed.