Confidants, Comrades and Constituents

The work ethics I exhibit is based on my training from the UK. 5 years isn’t a joke!
I developed my leadership abilities from my secondary school, Adesoye College Offa
My personal growth in every area of my life is as a result of 3 main mentors I have.
I have about 5 role models , 2 of which know me personally, 1 is sensing it, the last 2 have no clue who I am

I have 2 confidants! I am blessed!
My constituents are many.
My comrades are same but not as much as my constituents so I am not deceived. I have my list.
If you have no clue who confidants, constituents and comrades are search YouTube …TD Jakes’s message on three types of people.

Don’t be fooled there is a massive Grace upon my life even the devil is threatened but my complete trust rests with God almighty whose responsibility it is to help me birth all he impregnated me with.
But I will do the pushing and the pressing , that is my responsibility not His!
The victory is already mine, even through the pains of birthing.

I will birth the children and I am enjoying the process.
Enjoying the stretch, the discomfort, the bloated feeling. I am enjoying the pains, the irritable feeling, the swollen feet, the back aches, the constipated feeling, the bleeding, the hunger pangs, the mess, the disgust, the indignation , the nakedness. Oh yes! I will enjoy them . It is my process. It is my STORY and no one can take it from me.

Have you seen a mother fight to protect her child? Would kill anyone in defense of her child, would bring down heaven and hell for her child? Yes! That is what God does on our behalf so I am simply like my Father! And I am that mother!